Branding and logo design
Your LOGO is the face of your BRAND.
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Our expertise at The Mohan Group lies in being able to connect with the individual business or consumer.

We’re devotees of making a lasting first impression!

Your brand says everything about you… subliminally. It’s everything you stand for, every perception, every consumer benefit you want the public to have, rolled into a small piece of art. And we protect that like a lioness protects her cubs!

We don’t mess with your brand or your logo… unless of course you want us to. We have designed new logos for clients and we’ve enhanced their brands – but that's another story. We are emphatic about making sure that our message and our select media work hand-in-hand with your brand and build on the significance of your brand essence.

Now here’s the kicker! As the media becomes more fragmented and it becomes harder and harder to reach consumers with relevant communications specific to them, brands need to change the way they deliver their message. That means creating story-telling platforms that keep users engaged at home, at the office or on the go. Brands have to accept this… not because we as communications companies want them to, but because consumers demand it.

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