Targeted ADVERTISING that works.
Marketing's hard currency are outstanding ideas
Ideas that stand out, motivate action and make your brand memorable. And it all starts with relevance! Knowing who your audience is, what their “hot buttons” are and what’s going to initiate the desired action.

Marketing's hard currency is outstanding ideas

Communication messaging isn’t a jungle anymore… it's a jumble of blurred information, message, sound, signs and noise. We experience it everyday from everywhere. And as professional communicators, we sometimes forget that consumers aren’t out there waiting to hear from us. And they never will be.

We have a split second to get someone’s attention and another to keep it!

So how do we accomplish that?

Ideas! Originality! Simplicity! Targeting! Relevance! Value! If your message isn’t, then they can’t be bothered… and who can blame them?

You can’t sell lawnmowers to people who live in apartment buildings… regardless of how good your price is or how attractive your product or ad! It’s just not relevant!

And yet, why do some of the biggest brands still promote an environment where safe is their preferred option? Let’s talk to everyone and let’s say the same thing. It’s the easy way out! In today’s environment, it's the most perilous option. Repetition in communication is not the sincerest form of flattery. It’s not progress. It's a virtual death sentence. Who buys yesterdays newspapers? Who rests on their laurels from the past?

At The Mohan Group Advertising, we’re restless, passionate, eager and relentless… constantly searching for that big, bright new idea to get through to the consumer.

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